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Where did the time go? It is hard for me to believe that almost five years has passed since I wrote Ghost Detective. And what a great five
years it has been! I have had the opportunity to travel the area and speak to great groups about the book and my passion for the paranormal.
Although I hope that I have taught a few things about ghost hunting to the various groups, I know that I have learned from these groups!

I have been so fortunate to meet great people. Some are experienced ghost hunters, others novices, and some are just curious and want to
know how to get started. I have met some believers and some skeptics. I have helped change a few minds. I have been asked numerous
questions and had great conversations and heard many accounts of personal experiences.

Ghost Detective has been a success because of the awesome people out there who have supported me and come out to see me
speak. I appreciate everyone's support and encouragement! Thank you!

With all of the good comes some minor bad. Mostly the small errors that escaped the proofreading process and annoy me every time I look at
them! So to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the book I am releasing a revised and updated edition! Not only will it have the content that
Ghost Detective so awesome, but it will feature new material and photos as well.

Look for a fall release.