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A new, exciting project with author Linda Zimmermann where they are
exploring the many stone sites of the Hudson Valley. Are these sites
evidence of pre-Columbian visitors? Are they Native American sites?
Or the product of a lost culture?
First two photos on the right are taken at
Gungywamp, Groton, CT.

The top photo is looking into what is
commonly called the Calendar Chamber.
There is a small, bee hive shaped chamber
from a small opening inside of this chamber.

The second photo is of me posing on a ring
of stones. The original purpose of these
stones is unknown, but it was not a fire pit.

Second two photos are taken at a megalithic
site located on top of the Hawks Nest. Three
large perched rocks are situated in a
triangular formation.

The site has, in the past, been called the
lifting rocks of the Hawks Nest.

The first photo to the right is one of the
perched rocks.

Closer view of the area under one of the large
perched stones showing how they are

The last photo is taken at High Point State Park in
Sussex County, NJ.

In addition to calendar stones marking certain dates,
there is this large perched stone in the woods.